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Nebuchadnezzar – Apkrig

There are few, desperately few movies, books and computer games that would express us expressly to the mysterious territory of ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization between the Euphrates and the Tigris. Nebuchadnezzar can do it, and what’s more, he will do it in the form of a retro building strategy for all lovers of Caesar or Pharaoh. And what’s more, it’s a Czech game!

Studio Nepos is now revealing new information, which unfortunately came in an e-mail, not on clay tables with cuneiform letters, but be it. First, in a nutshell: The release date falls on February 17 next year on Steam and GOG, the price is set at 20 euros.

You can see the new trailer above. To say what has penetrated our brains the most ecstatically, let’s say just three words: the gradual construction of monuments!

It just looks really nice, and because the DNA of the old building series is evident in Nebuchadnezzar without taking his blood and testing it in the lab, all the nostalgics who once helplessly watched the devastation of another Roman colony in the ZSV class must snarl with bliss.

In addition, we learn something about game innovations that have expanded Mesopotamian strategy in the last year. It is quite fundamental that the population is divided into three different classes – it is clear that the poor will have different requirements than the high nobility and the priesthood, and will also benefit the city a little differently. More decisions that will break our heads!

The concept of pollution has also been added to the game. Where something is produced, of course, industrial waste is generated, not to mention noise and general ant chaos. And besides, no one wants to live next door. Maybe if you built a nice ornamental monument there for the greater glory of Marduk…?

The authors also do not forget the fact that Mesopotamian city-states were not isolated entities, but that they depended on each other. That’s why you have to maintain friendly relations with your neighbors so that the business can work well and everyone is fine. Unfortunately, we will probably not see the possibility that one day some Total War will offer us, namely to collect armies armed with bronze and destroy all enemies with fire and sword, but a peaceful mercantilist approach will suffice for the time being.

Already for the gates of Uru, Uruk, Lagaš and other pop culture unjustly neglected settlements to open. And perhaps all the builders will do as well as the real Nebuchadnezzar, the most important king of Babylonian.

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