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NAY Android Year 2020: Introducing the Smart Watches and Bracelets category

survey NAY Android Roka 2020 is slowly approaching the finals. You too can vote for your favorite Androids in six categories. In addition to increasing your chances of winning your favorite, you also have a chance to win a number of prizes.

This year we have prepared the main prize for you Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and other valuable prizes. All you have to do is vote on the page and you vote for your favorite!

To make your decision easier, we will gradually introduce all the competition categories. Today came a number of categories Smart watches and bracelets.

Fitbit Sense

FItbit Sense is the most advanced medical watch of the popular American manufacturer of fitness accessories. As the very first watch in the world, it offers an electrodermal activity sensor (EDA). It helps to better manage stress. But that’s not all. The watch can measure your ECG.

Fitbit Sense

Unfortunately, this will require certification in Slovakia, which means that the feature will be turned off for now. This also applies to all other smart watches that are able to measure ECG. An excellent function is also a sensor for measuring body temperature. Battery life is approximately 6 days.

GARMIN tacticx Delta

GARMIN tacticx Delta is an authentic GPS tactical watch that meets the military standards of MIL-STD-810. A great combination of tactical functions and the best training tools for every soldier. An excellent feature is the masking mode, which deactivates all location sharing and wireless communication.

The materials used are also a guarantee of durability and quality. The dome-shaped sapphire crystal slide is highly scratch-resistant. The stainless steel bezel of the watch is treated with an extremely durable DLC surface treatment. The body of the watch is made of fiber-reinforced polymer. The back cover is made of stainless steel treated with PVD treatment. The color MIP display has 1.4 inches and a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. Pleases water resistance 10 ATM.

These rugged watches offer advanced physiological and sports metrics that, thanks to advanced battery management, you can realistically use them for longer than ever before. During a normal day, you can use smart notifications from your phone, contactless Garmin Pay payments, or a music player integrated directly into the watch (including Spotify service). An offline map is a matter of course.

Honor Magic Watch 2

The Honor brand, which is mainly known for our smartphones, also has smart watches in its portfolio. This year, it introduced the new Honor MagicWatch 2 model to the Slovak market. It will be interesting for customers thanks to the 14-day battery life, Kirin A1 chipset, technologies for monitoring sports activities and health, customizable dials and four types of straps.

Honor MagicWatch

To stimulate fitness style, the watch supports 15 workout modes including 8 outdoor and 7 indoor sports. The user can choose different modes from running, hiking, cycling or triathlon to swimming in the indoor pool, free training or exercise on a rowing machine.

Honor MagicWatch

The watch monitors your heart rate and records SWOLF scores, distance, speed and calories burned even in water, thanks to its 5 ATM water resistance. All your health information is synchronized with the pre-installed Huawei Health application.

Honor MagicWatch 2 allows you to make and receive calls via headphones or the built-in speaker and microphone from a distance of 50 meters from your phone, thanks to the Bluetooth interface. After connecting to the phone, notifications from SMS messages, e-mails or calendars will appear on the display.

Honor MagicWatch 2 dial

There are also built-in applications including weather, alarm clock, timer, finding your phone and much more. Honor MagicWatch 2 has an internal memory of 4 GB, of which 2 GB can be used to store music. The watch displays all the mentioned data on a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen. Honor MagicWatch 2 are available in sizes 46 mm and 42 mm.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a smart watch that at first glance attracts with its sapphire crystal, which is higher on the hardness scale than the classic glasses used for smartphone or smart watch displays. This means that it is significantly more resistant to scratches.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro packaging

More than 100 training modes are available for athletes. Among the most recent, we will mention, for example, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and golf. Each sport mode can monitor a number of parameters. When skiing, it is, for example, the average speed, distance, trajectory, descent, maximum inclination, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and the like.

The heart rate sensor has been improved over the previous generation and is again slightly more accurate. The watch also supports real-time heart rate monitoring during various sports activities. There is also an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor, pressure sensor and of course GPS.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

The round AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels displays notifications from the smartphone or sports modes. The battery with a capacity of 455 mAh will ensure the endurance of 14 days and will certainly please even wireless charging. Swimmers will appreciate the water resistance of 5 ATM.

Nivy Watch

Nivy Watch is a smart watch made by the Slovak company Resco and designed for business environments. Resco says it has optimized the operating system built on Android to improve battery life, ease of use and avoid distractions from employees who wear the watch.

The data collected from the watch can be processed via standardized systems for various analytical purposes, as well as for monitoring and evaluating work tasks. In addition, it is possible to monitor the location and activities of employees or colleagues via watches. There is a wide range of possible uses, as these can really vary from company to company.

For example, it is possible to add a system for monitoring attendance, a system for direct communication between the company and the employee or a system for monitoring time spent in work activities. It is possible to reach after monitoring the stress and long-term health of employees. It is also possible to collect data in an anonymised form, so that it is in accordance with the requirements of GDRP.

An interesting option in the context of these days of the new coronavirus COVID-19 may be the use of a position tracking system to maintain safe spacing between employees. Simply put, NIVY Watch for companies is a tool for optimizing their processes and more efficient use of human resources.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s latest generation of smart watches is the official addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone family, but it will fit perfectly with virtually any smartphone. It is a stylish premium model that will impress with its popular swivel bezel, modern presentation of the classic style and especially its equipment.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (2)

Compared to the original Galaxy Watch model, the latest generation is 14% thinner, 8% smaller and 15% lighter. These three aspects are intended to mean that even all-day use does not in any way limit natural comfort. Although the watch has a compact design, it also received a larger 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch display, respectively.

The watch allows you to individually choose the dial according to your clothes thanks to the My Style color selection algorithm. The procedure is simple. You can take a photo of your current clothes with a paired smartphone, and the application will adjust the dial of your watch in a matter of seconds via color patterns. With the digital form of the watch face, you can win to the fullest. More than 80,000 ready-made designs are available through the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Wearable applications.

In addition, a wide range of monitoring is available for various metrics related to sports and health. Whether it is a comprehensive analysis for runners, measuring the maximum rate of oxygen consumption (VO2 max), 120 home workouts or a sleep manager. Of course, the date and time, weather conditions for the current or next day, comments, battery status, health and fitness data or monitoring of stress levels.

The watch has a water resistance of 5 ATM, which will surely please every swimmer. Among the sensors, it is enough to mention the accelerometer, gyro sensor, barometer, heart rate sensor, ECG or light sensor. Connectivity is provided by LTE, Bluetooth® 5.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n, NFC. The navigation system A-GPS, GLONASS or Beidou will be used for navigation.

Xiaomi Mi SmartBand 5

Compared to the previous generation, the Xiaomi Mi SmartBand 5 brought a visible larger AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.1 inches and a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. The display should be well visible even in direct sunlight thanks to the brightness of 450 rivets. A 20% larger and smoother display will allow you to display animated clock themes.

xiaomi mi band 5

There are already more than 100 appearances available, which refer to popular anime series, for example Neon Genesis Evangelion, Case Closed, Hatsune Miku or SpongeBob SquarePants. The body has a water resistance of 5 ATM for surface swimming. A visible change compared to the previous generation is the magnetic charging of the smart bracelet. This eliminates the annoying removal of the bracelet body from the silicone strap in previous generations.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 colors

The fast processor will enable more accurate measurement of 11 sports activities or the menstrual cycle of women. The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) feature replaces your personal trainer. The sleep monitor will also allow you to measure your REM phase, and the present barometer will measure altitude. The PPG heart rate sensor should be 50% more accurate than the previous generation. The user will be able to remotely control the camera in the smartphone. The endurance per charge is a decent 14 days.

What can you win in the NAY Android Year 2020 poll?

In the poll NAY Android Roka 2020 you can win thanks to your vote up to 20 prices. The main prize is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone, donated by the general partner NAY as.

In addition to it, however, there are other valuable prizes in the game. Every voter has a chance to get smartphones as well Poco X3, Motorola moto g9 plus, TCL 10L, Alcatel 1S, robotic vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba Combo, gaming headset Creative SXFI Gamer, smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5or audio adapter BT-W3 from Creative.

How can you increase your chances of winning?

Although each voter can only join once, the most active have the opportunity to significantly increase their chances of winning. This year, too, it is possible to invite your acquaintances to the survey, for which we will reward you accordingly. All voters who invite at least five other friends or acquaintances to the poll are included in the draw for 5x ESET Mobile Security license and 5x lifetime Sygic navigation license.

The voter who invites the most friends to the poll automatically wins the CAT S42 smartphone. You can invite acquaintances to the survey via your account on the website.

The smartphones in the competition are protected by ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Spotify: You can also set your own playlist cover photo from your mobile phone

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