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navigation with buttons or gestures? Our readers are very divided

navigation with buttons or gestures?  Our readers are very divided

Every time I try again: navigation with gestures. Fortunately, I regularly have a new phone in my hands, so I often get the chance to teach myself those gestures. But unfortunately: after a while I usually go back to the buttons. Call me lazy, but at least I’m not alone: ​​48 percent of readers navigate their Android device with the three buttons. That is slightly less than the navigation with gestures, because that is the most popular with 52 percent.

Gestures or buttons?

Well, the difference is very small. Apparently it is certainly not the case that as an Android fan you have to work ‘tough’ with gestures, you can also use the three fairly subtle buttons. Although, not everyone finds them equally subtle. Karel-Willem, for example: “I haven’t used those buttons since I no longer had to. Super ugly those things on your screen.”

Some people feel somewhat pushed into a corner by the article in which the question was asked. Sjoerd-1 for example. “I don’t plan to switch to gestures either. I therefore found this sentence in the article very suggestive and unjustified: “Have you already gotten used to gestures or do you still use the three buttons?” “Already accustomed”? “Do you still use”? As if eventually everyone has to switch to gestures.” Certainly not Sjoerd-1, as said: the buttons are also used within our editorial staff.

AW Poll

However, there may also be another reason not to use gestures, but the three buttons at the bottom. WJH_1: “Somehow navigating on my Poco X3 Pro doesn’t work with Nova Launcher. That is why I still navigate with 3 buttons.” It can therefore also be a technical challenge to choose a particular navigation.

@tukker does use gestures, but not by default. He says, “I only use gestures for a screenshot, flashlight, and camera.”

Nice to see that the newer way with gestures is not necessarily considered the ultimate. Thanks for participating and next week we’ll be back with a new AW Poll. Until then!

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