‘My waters broke during my colleague’s wedding’

“Don’t worry about the moment when your water breaks,” muttered the teacher of the yoga class that was a bit too cloudy. ‘Your baby’s head acts as a stop and ensures that the amniotic fluid gradually runs out. I had my reservations about that, but I was not worried either.

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Of course, we knew we were taking the risk of going to the wedding of a colleague friend 40 weeks and two days pregnant. But I felt great; I didn’t want to miss the party for the world. I did have some weird, sticky discharge that day. The mucus plug, it turned out later.

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With flashing lights

The wedding cake had just been cut when, with a strong wave, my water broke. I panicked and pulled my friend into the toilet. Because the contractions started immediately and I really did not like a trip from Brabant to our hospital in Amsterdam, he called an ambulance.

I hoped to get out of there with a silent drum, but I can just get that done when a yellow bus with flashing lights drives up to a party with 150 people. The wedding guests waved us off, shouting and clapping. Eight hours later, just as hoped, I gave birth in our own hospital. No baby has ever received so many congratulatory cards. ”

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