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My training account –

Launched on November 21, 2019, in a new, more modern and readable format, this application will give you easy access to information that concerns you and to digital services.

– Consult your training rights. You will need to log in using your social security number and password.
– See the amount you have available to train.
– Search for a training course that meets your expectations by entering a keyword (name of a training course, trade or skill) and the postal code of the place where you wish to carry out your training.
– The present trainings are all certifying and financeable with your training rights.
– Sort and refine the list of results displayed according to the following criteria: price of the training, start and end dates of the session, name of the training organization, geographical distance.
– Each training sheet contains the elements previously entered by the organization, so you can consult the content of the training, its objectives, the specific registration procedures, as well as the price and the session dates.
– Register for a session that interests you directly from the training sheet by clicking on the “Register for this session” button.
– Complete and then send your training file directly online to the training organization you have selected.
– Pay for your training with your training rights and pay the supplement online with your bank card.
– Follow the progress of your file.

My training account

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