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‘My toddler says this word a little too often – and that sometimes results in embarrassing moments’

“Mom!” I remember how proud I was when my boys said it for the very first time. And how sweet they can still say it. Milo and Oliver are both real charmers and regularly say things like “mama beautiful hair” or “mama sweet”. Then I always melt right away. But now I also know the “mama!” which makes me less happy. When she says very loudly “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” calling to get my attention while on the phone, for example. Still, mommy remains the word I love most.

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My mother and mother-in-law were equally honored when Milo and Ollie first called them Grandma. It is also such a special moment. Although Oliver is a bit too generous with that word …

Every woman who looks a little older than me is nowadays greeted on the street with: “Hello grandma!” Not as bad as it is against an eighty-year-old woman, but women in my early forties have to believe it too. “Ollie, that’s not a grandmother,” I hasten to say. Oliver then smiles very sweetly at the woman in question, so that the person only smiles back. In this way he turns an embarrassing moment into something very cute at lightning speed. It’s a charmer, I said it already.

This editorial can be found in Kek Mama 14-2020.

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