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This application is suggested to you by Michel B.

It can become your essential assistant, by combining calendar, organizer, planner, notebook and reminder function. Objectives, to-do lists, follow-up of medical examinations, the management of your daily schedule will become simple and fast.

Its interface will help you control both the current day and your entire work week. The main screen of the app is specially designed, where it’s easy to schedule task lists and move scheduled tasks to a more convenient time.

Key features:
– Plan the tasks of the day.
– Make your to-do list for a current week.
– Schedule repetitive tasks.
– Postponement of a task list.
– Copy of the task list.
– Sending of the task list.
– Transfer of current grades.
– Create a note / reminders.
– Control of personal efficiency.
– Voice input.
– Research.
– Label with a priority color.
– Notifications without internet connection.
– Synchronization.
– Task progress scale.
– Reminder of events.
– Smart calendar.
– Badge with reminders.

The “Pro” version, which can be purchased directly from the application, offers advanced settings.

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