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‘My son’s drawing makes it painfully clear how he sees me as a parent who works at home’

‘The other day I was working at my desk and asked my son,’ Mommy, are you ready? ‘ To that I answered ‘no’ without looking back, ‘Priya says.

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Ten minutes later, her son gave her a drawing. He had just portrayed the situation: the attention he wanted and didn’t get from his mother. At first I thought his drawing was very cute, until I really took a good look at it. I realized my reaction had made him run to his room disappointed and that broke my heart. ‘

Source: Priya Amin

On your own

Priya shared the drawing with her colleagues via LinkedIn. ‘I did that because I knew how many parents are currently struggling with the combination of working from home and taking care of their children. And we all have the feeling that we are on our own. ‘

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That the situation is recognizable was shown by the fact that her post quickly went viral.

‘Be open and honest’

Especially now that childcare is closed and most parents cannot or do not want to rely on grandfathers and grandmothers, you should try to make the best of it every day.

Priya has an advice: ‘Be as open and honest as possible with your employer. We cannot receive support from friends, family, daycare or school at this time. The more we all hold our employers to account, the more understanding will come. ‘

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