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‘My son loves dolls and household chores and I only applaud it’

Katie’s house is cleaned every weekend, all together. “My husband will now have our baby in the baby carrier on his back,” Katie explains. ‘Recently our oldest son asked if he could wear his favorite doll while cleaning his room. Then he walked around proudly with the doll on his back. ‘

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Soft hearted

Katie’s son is seven. A lot of people will say he has to ‘get together’ at that age. The fact that he likes to play with dolls is generally seen as something girlish. But he is just a gentle child. He can play in the playpen for hours to entertain his little sister and when his four-year-old brother needs a hug, he comforts him. ‘

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At the same time, he plays with mud just as sweetly, she says, and can talk about dinosaurs all day long. “Things like that are seen as boyish,” says Katie. ‘But do you know what’s beautiful? Our son does not regard them as typical activities for boys, any more than playing with dolls is for girls. ‘


According to Katie, the latter is mainly because of her husband, who is a huge example for their children. “He’s a fantastic dad who does everything except breastfeed. He doesn’t want to miss anything about fatherhood. Our sons see that taking care of a baby and cleaning the house is not only their mother’s job, but their father’s just as much. ”

Her eldest is already shouting that he later also wants to become ‘daddy’. “And more specifically: a family man,” says Katie. ‘That makes me proud. I can’t wait for him to have his own family and run it there just like my husband does now – with or without a baby or doll on his back. ‘

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