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“My son (2) had ‘signed’ on television. An expensive joke”

How do those little mutts manage to achieve maximum effect when their mother is out of the room for three seconds. Bianca knows the best about it.

Bianca (33), mother of Timo (2):

“From the kitchen I saw my son spinning his finger on the TV screen. I yelled punitively for him to take his hands off. Timo did, but it looked like he had something in his hand.

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Drawing on TV

And then I saw the TV. He had found a tiny piece of shell in the plant in the windowsill and ‘drawn’ with it on the television. I still hoped that the scratch mark would be removed with a cloth, but unfortunately. An expensive joke.

We didn’t get anything back from the insurance, because the TV was already a bit older, even though there was nothing wrong with it. There was no choice but to buy a new one. It now hangs on the wall. Something with a donkey and a stone.”

This article can be found in Kek Mama 04-2022.

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