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My retirement account –

Union Retraite is the public interest group (GIP) which brings together pension, basic and supplementary organizations. Under the Info Retraite brand, it offers services developed jointly by all the plans to simplify the retirement of policyholders.


Features … for assets:
– Visualize your career, whatever your activities (civil servant, employee, self-employed, etc.), and your pension rights (number of quarters and points contributed).
– Access the contact details of the plans to which you have contributed in your career.
– Consult content to help you better understand the retirement rights you have acquired.

Features … for retirees:
– Check the date of your next retirement payment.
– Consult and download your tax certificates for the last two years.
– Consult content to help you better understand your retirement.

To connect, you simply need to create your account on the application, if you have not already done so on the website

Important: My retirement account replaces Smart ‘Retraite. For former users, please note that your Smart ‘Retraite identifiers are no longer valid and that you must create a new account.

My retirement account

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