“My mom thinks you’re stupid!”

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You can have the best for your children and raise them so neatly, but sometimes those rascals manage to cycle a wrong comment that makes you look ashamed.

Anna (27), mother of Nino (5):

“Just after school ended, there was a lot of negotiation between boyfriend Boris and my son Nino about a new play date. In anticipation of the choice of who-with-whom, I stood there together with the boy’s mother. Boris wanted Nino to come back to his house, just like the week before.

“Well no,” my son said just a little too loudly. “You have a nice big house, but it’s a mess and it smells like smoke.” When I wanted to appease and tone it down, Nino interrupted me: ‘No mom, you also said it smelled awful.’”

Bit tactless

Yvette (50), mother of Evy (11):

“Chatting in the schoolyard with a mother and her daughter, Evy, who was five at the time, suddenly comes in between. With a beaming head, she points to the Crocs my interlocutors are wearing: ‘We think they’re really ugly, don’t we, mom?’”

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How embarrassing

Andrea (30), mother of Faber (5):

“Our son ran across the schoolyard to a little boy who had played with us the week before and screamed (in front of his mother): ‘My mom doesn’t want you to come and play anymore, she thinks you’re stupid!’ Terribly embarrassing. Especially because I had said something completely different to Faber, namely that they argued several times during the game and were perhaps too small to meet together.

“Now, six months later, she still avoids me”

The mother of the boy in question looked at me disapprovingly, horrified how I could have said such a thing. No time to explain, I took off like a hare. Now, six months later, she still avoids me.”

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