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“My mentors always take time for me” – Julia Neumann from Webedia

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In the “5 things I can’t work without” series, we ask web workers what they cannot do without in their job. Today guest: Julia Neumann from Webedia.

Julia Neumann deals with stime Start of her career with social media. After positions at Camao, MRM-McCann, the Tom Tailor Group and the Urlaubspiraten, where she built up the international social media team, she has been with Webedia GmbH since 2018. As Head of Social Media, she initially managed editorial social media management and social video production and, together with her teams, was responsible for the brands Moviepilot, Filmstarts, Game Star, Game Pro and video snacks. In November 2019 she was appointed Head of Digital Publishing Movies and has direct responsibility for the brands Filmstarts and Moviepilot as well as the social media and YouTube video teams. In order to be motivated, informed and committed in her job, she attaches great importance to mentors. In the “5 things I can’t work without” series, she reveals which mentors are helping her.

5 things I can’t work without: Julia Neumann from Webedia

Curiosity: Over the past ten years, my curiosity and the urge not to miss anything have been too good for me, especially in social media. Constant changes to the platforms or user behavior can wear you out because you always have to be on the heels of the latest developments. Since I always follow these topics out of personal interest anyway, I don’t get stressed. When I made the step from social media to the entire area of ​​digital publishing last year, there were many new tasks that I had no idea about and some that I’m currently trying to understand better. Since I have a natural need to understand all new processes, my willingness to learn is a great help here, to tackle the tasks full of vigor and not to let them burn me out. It is thanks to my curiosity that all these changes keep me on my toes in a positive sense and that there is no boredom.

My smartphone: I’ve tried laptops and tablets and notebooks, but most of all I love working directly on my smartphone. This is useful because I don’t have to lug around the office a lot and, thanks to many meetings, I rarely see my desk. Most of my work consists of communication. E-mails or chat conversations – I just type faster on my phone. The small screen is enough for checking or reading presentations, but only when I really have to edit a text or create a presentation myself, I prefer to use the laptop. In that case, I’m always very grateful for the Google Tasks app, which automatically transfers everything to my Gmail account so that I really don’t forget any to-dos.

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Undivided attention: The online industry especially loves being busy telling everyone how we couldn’t make the day without multitasking. I put this off a while ago, realizing that I’m absolutely not a multitasker. Either I write an email or I really listen to people in a meeting. I also ask for this attention back. Whether it’s a weekly or senior management meeting – if someone is typing on their cell phone or laptop all the time, I speak to them about it. Of course there are also things that are more important than the current meeting you are in. But these things are also done faster if you concentrate and do them carefully before, after or instead of the aforementioned meeting.

All the VoD subscriptions: One of the coolest things about Webedia is that I can always add “for work” to my stories about my gaming and binge watching preferences. Of course, I am not one of those people who report with great attention to detail and strong opinions about everything they have seen in the cinema or on VoD providers. But in order to understand what current trends are and, above all, simply for the fun of it, I probably binge more than ever before. If you sit between two film editorial offices, you prefer to watch some of the season finals when they appear than involuntarily being spoiled at the coffee machine.

Mentors: There are a number of decisions to be made each week in the management of digital publishing at Webedia. Some are routine, others bring big changes. Most of them are on your screen and you can weigh them up, but there are always some factors that you have ignored or misclassified. I am very lucky to have found a great mentor in my very first boss. She and her husband have a wealth of experience that complements mine very well, and they really always take the time to give me their assessments or just to listen when I have something on my mind. If you want to benefit from this knowledge, it is best to quickly follow @katjazwischtert and @hirnrinde on Twitter.

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