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My Little Planet |

Are you ready to embark on a competition of ecological challenges lasting 3 weeks and to achieve with your entourage? Ma Petite Planète is an ecological and crazy game, by teams, of ecological challenges.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Plant trees in an acquaintance’s garden, hug a tree with a trunk more than 4 meters in circumference, write a love letter to something beneficial for the planet, …, For 3 weeks , you will have to complete a maximum of green “bonus” challenges while paying attention to “penalties” in order to save your team.

To play, you will need:
– Create your own league, or join an open league where you will play with other motivated MPP Players.
– Define within this league which MPP Player will be part of “Team Greta” and “Team Hulot”.
– Validate a maximum of “bonus” challenges by sometimes providing proof of their achievement in the league conversation, and avoid a maximum of “penalty” challenges.
– Count your points and advance in the general classification.

Each edition of the game lasts 3 weeks.
All the leagues challenge each other and try to score as many points as possible by validating as many “bonus” challenges with a positive impact on the planet and by avoiding “malus” challenges (harmful to the environment).
Each league is coordinated and led by an MPP Ambassador, and is made up of 6 to 24 players (MPP Players).
A league is itself divided into 2 teams that compete against each other.

The competition is also played at the individual level, each MPP Player having an individual score and helping to advance his team. The best MPP Player of the edition becomes the new “Big Zizou of ecology”.

The mission of “My Little Planet”:
– Offer a cool turnkey game for all those who wish to educate those around them about ecology (MPP Ambassadors).
– Raise awareness and take concrete action through daily challenges as many people as possible on the preservation of the planet (MPP Players).

A school version is also available. To know more :

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