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‘My husband is addicted to his phone’

Savannah (32) is married to Jens (35) and has a 10-month-old daughter with him. “Let me go straight to the point: my husband is addicted to his phone. When he wakes up, he doesn’t turn to me or our daughter, but to his smartphone. He checks Instagram stories at his first cup. coffee, spends his afternoons on Facebook, watching bland videos at night for hours, so much so that he didn’t notice our daughter’s first word because he was too busy with social media.

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‘I’m wrong’

Jens does not communicate with words, but with texts, tags and memes. And play with his child? Or have a good conversation together? He doesn’t even think that is more important than his mobile. But when I confront my husband about this, he thinks I’m blowing things up. He calls me irrational and emotional. I’m just wrong: ‘Can I do something about having so many friends?’ He says …

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Relationship Therapy

For months I have been trying to make it clear that his smartphone addiction is destroying our marriage. I take pictures of him on his phone as life goes on around him so he can see what he’s missing. We have relationship counseling, recently started doing screen time at home and he even started yoga on my advice to learn to relax, but no matter what I try, he keeps reaching for his phone. What can I do to change this? “

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