‘My girlfriend got a tantra course from her partner – this was her reaction’

Have I ever told you about those friends who ended up on a tantra course?

Well, just sit down for it.

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An institution in a social straitjacket.

A safe haven with two captains on one ship.

An open-ended commitment for some.

All in all, I will be exactly 12.5 years in the next month. With great pleasure, but of course with our own challenges. Read: he wants sex more often. I get more and more problems with PMS. We do not always agree about the upbringing of our children and I am increasingly annoyed that he does not put the cap of the toothpaste on.

But I bet that my marriage will go on for the time being.


Okay, I’ll go back to what I promised to tell you in the first sentence, because that’s why you’re still reading this: tantric sex.

By now you know me a bit and I would say it honestly if it concerned me and my husband, but this story is really about two friends. Just like us a married couple with children. Semi-detached house, a corona dog and mothers-in-law at a safe distance. A normal married couple.

He was often blamed for her Which he arranged too few ‘nice things’. She took a women’s magazine with her on vacation, he opened it in the toilet for lack of reading material and found an advertisement …

“Would you like to try something new and exciting with your husband?”, was the headline of the article.

Yes, dûh …

He ripped it out and later called the number in the ad. Before he knew it, he told his wife he had a surprise.

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Go with the flow

A month later, the two of them are in a room with thirty other people. Young and old. Weird and weirder. They look at each other and both decide ‘to go with the flow’.

‘Welcome to your first tantra experience…’

In the meantime, both my friends realize that this is not for softies.

Round one starts with your own partner – can you imagine the relief of my friends ?!

Round two you move one spot …

After five hours my friends are the only ones still wearing their clothes (that was optional) and they thank their ‘guru’ when they leave the overheated room.

On the way back in the car they stare straight ahead when finally my girlfriend breaks the silence and says, “I’ll sort things out next time …”

Patricia van Liemt is a radio host, writer and mother of 2 lab babies Maria (10) and Phaedra (7). She worked at Qmusic and 100% NL, among others. You can now hear her successful podcast series Let’s Talk About Sex (e) on GoodLIFE Radio. Her husband lives in Switzerland during the week, when she tries to combine kids, work and girls nights as best as possible. In her debut novel ‘De Lab Baby’ she talks about her personal experiences with IVF.

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