‘My doula made the delivery more bearable (and this is why)’

On Scary Mommy she writes in five points why her doula was so important.

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Because of her I could bear the pain

“After my first delivery, I knew for sure: that epidural took much longer to push. That’s why I wanted to do everything I could to avoid the epidural the second time. My doula massaged me, used essential oils, taught me breathing techniques. and gave me several handles to bear the pain. “

She was my emotional support

“I have every confidence in the doctors and nurses at the hospital – they will always do everything they can to ensure a healthy baby and mother. Yet they are less concerned with your mental state during labor, which is exactly where my doula has me greatly supported. “

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She was there for my partner

“It can be difficult for the non-laboring partner to feel how he or she can provide support. My husband was with me but didn’t know what to do with himself the first time. Our doula gave him tips and little tasks to help me. And man, how grateful I was to her for that. “

She was my physical aid

“From supporting me in different postures to literally holding my legs while pressing, my doula was there.”

She gave me confidence

After the doctors placed our daughter on my chest, the doula looked at me with pride, despite having attended hundreds of deliveries. She congratulated me, assured me I’d done it all myself, and got me a delicious sandwich. She waited to make sure everything was okay before going home to her own children. A few weeks later she came by and complimented my breasts. And as an exhausted, breastfeeding mother, I needed just that. “

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