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‘My daughter follows a self-invented course on her way to school’

Walking alone on the edge of the sidewalk, hopping across the zebra crossing or avoiding every line: children sometimes have strange rules.

David (37), father of Benthe (7): “In itself, my daughter is no exception. I think that every child sometimes imposes the rule that he cannot stand on the edges of the paving stones, must only walk on the white stripes of the pedestrian crossing or jump over every edge. But my daughter has been taking her ‘duties’ very seriously for months now.

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Full trail

Every day when I take Benthe to school, about a mile from our house, I have to take ten minutes longer – otherwise we’ll be very late. She started it when she had to go to group three. She found that so creepy that she invented a kind of hold for herself. This helps her release the tension before school in the morning.

“This helps her release the tension before school in the morning”

I am lucky, I can keep my normal pace, but Benthe jumps, flies, hops and hops and has devised a different course for every meter with all kinds of tasks and restrictions.”

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