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‘My daughter can have as many piercings as she wants – it’s her body’

“It’s her body,” Katie writes Scary Mommy.

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Back in the day, when Katie herself was still a teenager, her parents often called her back. ‘I wanted holes in my ears, but I couldn’t. I wanted to wear ripped jeans: was not allowed. ‘ Wearing makeup was also out of the question at Katie’s home, so she snuck her makeup bag into her backpack before going to school.

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“When my parents got divorced a few years later, my mother relaxed and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted,” Katie continues. ‘But until then, I had thought all along that I was doing something wrong – when it was my own body. They tried to control my appearance because they wanted me to look a certain way. ” The moment Katie herself became a mother of a daughter, she knew she wanted to do it differently.

Navel piercing

Whether her daughter wants purple, blue, green or red hair: everything is allowed. Katie: ‘She loves glitter under her eyes and has had a phase of creating freckles with henna. A few weeks ago she asked if she could have a belly button piercing. She saved up for it herself and we went to the appointment together. All of this is a form of self-expression and I want my child to be free to choose what to wear and how to decorate her body. Because it’s hers, not mine. ‘

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