‘My children think these are the best toys for the garden’

For us, vacation means spending a lot of time outdoors. We have a lovely backyard in which we like to play games with each other, but my children (6 and 8 years old) can also enjoy themselves very well with these toys.

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Everyone knows this ancient game. We often use the balls in a different way, because Elin and Mats hide them from each other in the garden. If you find the little ball, you get extra points.

Yes, I want this game

tennis pole

This summer’s hit. You drill the post somewhere in the ground or you fill the base with water or sand (depending on which variant you buy) and just play tennis. Note: you have two types. One that runs continuously and another to which you can add a competitive element. Whoever has hit the ball one way the most times wins. Erik and I often use the rackets in the evening. We are both blood fanatics. Great for venting your frustrations.

This makes me happy


This game seems a bit complicated when you do it for the first time. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a really cool family game. The kids can certainly participate and sometimes throw even better than the adults. We also regularly take this game to the forest when we meet with friends or family. And the children sometimes play with it alone and then come up with something with the stakes of the game.

My child loves this

To build huts

Building a large hut remains a success. Our barn is full of rugs and cushions for the kids to use. Hang them over chairs, the garden shed or the rotary clothesline and you make the coolest garden hut. I think the outcome of the century: big clothespins. These items make it much easier for them to assemble the canvases themselves and make their own creations without my help.

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fishing nets

We live on a ditch and that guarantees hours of fun playing and exploring. With a fishing net and a bucket they pick up everything from the bottom and then study it. From guppies and crayfish to skaters and frogspawn. We have fishing nets with an aluminum telescope. The nets with a wooden stick were all broken within a week.

I want to buy this fishing net


We no longer have a sandbox or sand table in the garden, but Elin and Mats have always played very well with that. Here you will find inspiration.
If you, like me, are not a fan of sand in your living room, I have another tip: put a bucket of water and a towel by your garden door. It took some training here at home, but in the end it saved a lot of sand on the couch!

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