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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

If she really went to the bar together, she would probably have ordered Molotov’s cocktail because she belongs to the Stalkers, a slave unit slave to the Elder, who had experienced the times before that great war. Stalkers need the ark of survivors because they can immerse themselves in the Zona and supply the others with all the achievements of the original civilization.

At the same time, the Zone cleans from ghouls, bandits, wild dogs and enslaved machines, all of whom can all turn together against the rest of the people and their furry and feathered friends. Mutant Year Zero is based on the 1988 RPG Pen-and-Paper RPG, but Road to Eden is the most reminded of XCOM. Not at first glance.

When two do the same …
Although in both cases the turn-key component dominates, Mutant is largely in real-time. You are exploring the remains of the buildings that have taken over the Scandinavian flora over the centuries, thus signaling the relentless tooth of time. Some are deserted, others set up a base, but they are safe until they know you.

Without a creeping approach, Mutant Year Zero might seem pretty tough even at basic difficulty. From the former pizzeria, he has become an impregnable fortress because of ten of his teeth by armored enemies. Fortunately, most of them are wandering locally, and you, you have weapons with a silencer.

When you run the strike, you switch to tensile mode, and you have to resolve the things you want to solve in silence at the same time. Enemies are not stupid, and if silently silent during the first move, they call for help.

Fraternity / Sisterhood / Unborn animal

Occasionally, you have to take a bit of luck for a critical hit, since silent weapons do not have too much damage, but that’s exactly what these secret disposals are incredibly exciting. When a group of enemies scream for most of them, and the two of you with the highest health values remain, they suddenly do not seem so invincible without their army.

Then you can use a powerful caliber in the form of loud rifles, plenty of grenades and special abilities. Different enemies demand different solutions and party composition. The Bormin Pig is an ideal tune, Dux is a typical sniper, the Farrow fox is more suited to the initial phase of silent destruction, but also to deadly critical attacks on robots, mutant Selma can make a big blow and then quickly move to a safer place, and Magnus thanks to their psionic capabilities, they can turn their enemies into the brain and for a moment they are forced to fight on your side.

Similarly, your opponents are also different. From the basic types of ghouls with axes and rifles over those who are upstairs who can call reinforcements, they stun you and throw fire bottles, to special units, sectarians with chain lightning attacks and mind control, with tame dogs and giant robots with lasers and rocket launchers or reprogrammed police and hospital robots.

The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!

Better equipment and stronger weapons are in progress, you can buy them on ark, but resources are few and for example, with the lack of first aid kits we fought constantly. All the more, then, every pleasure. Locations are a bit bigger than a typical XCOM map, but they usually have a clear dominance, and important subjects are shining from the distance.

There is not much room for side missions, and you do not get much of the main ones – the way is the goal, as it is called. To achieve your goals, you need to fight through several areas, and for the necessary experience, they are to be cleaned thoroughly because experience equals better abilities, equal to greater damage, and numbers are ultimately above all.

Percentage probabilities are graded on Thursdays this time, so it does not take the desire to move the mouse through the window when the dragon does not hit the “completely clear” ninety-degree hit because there is some difference between 100% and 75%. Still, they are still relentless.

Everything is interesting outside the comfort zone

Mutant Year Zero is basically not hard when you know what you’re doing but it does not forgive mistakes. Difficulty begins at the normal one, which is designed for beginners in the field of pull strategies, no longer easy to see. For all three, you can still turn on a mode for permanent death and stalling experts, which is very cruel because of the limited number of mutants you can recruit to the team.

Still, there is a great feeling when you clean up most of the map quietly, you encounter the four of the strongest guys on which you have a perfect strategy … and they do something you did not plan to count on, and you have to improvise but it still works . When the leader of the sect tries to control the mind of your wild card, but she has an Alobal cap attached so she can take it off with a two-meter shotgun, that’s really satisfying.

Informed consent

Road to Eden will always provide you with all the information you should consider, evaluate and use to optimize the situation. Your fighters have a lot less health at the end of the game than the enemy, so you have to constantly cover up and keep up with caution.

Defensive approach and cautious, waiting for the enemy’s movement as many times as they can to reverse almost a losing battle, as well as her but can lose it if you once forget to reload or you syslili aid kit for someone who now lies in a faint on the floor and could not rescue the rest of the bleeding Team .

The strategic component works perfectly and most contests are challenging. Though you pick the best equipment and abilities at the end of the game, you never go to the enemy like a hot laser with a piece of butter. A few mistakes will still be found.

Mechanics of destruction of cover and entire floors will sometimes take a vacation, so if you count on the group of enemies killing you with a fall that you helped with a grenade, sometimes instead of miserable death simply deny the laws of physics and levitate.

Sometimes the two-wheeled pyroman throws Molotov into his own rows even after the expiration of the time limit, and it will help you, but you’d better win the fight fairly. Moreover, Mutant Year Zero does not have fast storage and recording, so if something goes wrong, you have to go to the main menu, which makes it unnecessary.

Thinking about apocalypses

Still, it is one of the better team races, although it is relatively short. It will make you visit virtually all the locations that the creators have made for you, both because of the desired equipment and because they deserve it and are like the rest of the game comfortably diverse.

Your squadron has its own theory, what buildings in the suburbs have served as artifacts of human civilization, and beautiful Nordic nature gives the opportunity to the thoughts that it would not be so bad if most people died and the cities dominated the vegetation.

Otherwise you will not find too much replayability because the hero’s five have the skills quite clearly given. Besides passive skills, each pair of skills you can make before the battle, but especially at the end of the game, you are so specialized that you will use those favorites that match the particular weapon and the rest of the equipment. This is not a glimpse of species.

Mutant Year Zero has a pre-engineered combat system, so it’s a shame that after 15 hours there’s more to offer, and the only type of task is simply cleaning the map. We could imagine at least the impediment to a certain number of moves or escorts of allies, possibly a map editor where they could create their own scenarios or another imaginary icing on an already delicious cake.

If you love XCOM and wake up in the morning with a tactical plan of your day, the mutants should definitely not escape your strategic eye, because similarly great strokes are like saffron in a post-apocalyptic civilization. For the Swedish studio The Bearded Ladies Consulting, it is a strategic first point, which is said to be extremely good

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