Musical party: Bibi Breijman shares cheerful video of daughter’s birthday

‘Our party started at 6.30 am’, Bibi writes with a cheerful video of a dancing and singing Teddy. Waylon also reflects on this beautiful day. ‘ year and every day a little naughtier…’

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Daughter Bibi Breijman has 12(!) grandfathers and grandmothers (and that’s because of this) >

pregnancy vomiting

Bibi is currently pregnant with her second child. Just like during Teddy’s pregnancy, she suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), severe pregnancy vomiting. How serious is that? “It’s just vomiting 24/7,” Waylon tells RTL Boulevard. ‘She’s in a dark room. She can’t have anything, she can’t bear light, everything is too much. I find it degrading.’

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