Motorola releases gadget for wireless Android Auto; also other improvements

Motorola announced at CES in Las Vegas that it is releasing a gadget that allows you to use Android Auto wirelessly in the car. Some cars already offer this support, but for the cars where this is not, this gadget should offer a solution.

Motorola with Android Auto gadget

If your car has support for Android Auto, but not Android Auto Wireless, the new gadget from Motorola can be an interesting solution. It is the MA1 adapter that you plug into the USB port of the car, after which you connect your phone to it. Unlike, for example, the products that are financed through crowdfunding, this device is actually recognized by Google. Connecting to the car is done from the smartphone via a WiFi 5GHz connection.

To use the MA1 adapter from Motorola, the device must be equipped with Android 11 or higher. In addition, the car must already have support for Android Auto. The rest is done by the Motorola gadget. Motorola has announced that it will be the first to sell the MA1 in the United States for 89.95 euros. It is currently unknown whether there are plans to release the Android Auto accessory in the Netherlands.


Google has also announced that Fuelio for Android Auto will be released. This Sygic app is my absolute favorite, where you can keep track of your fuel consumption. However, it also keeps track of fuel prices, so it will be available for Android Auto in due course.

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