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Motorola is working on a Desktop Mode and TV interface for Android 11 update

Motorola has shared interesting news about the arrival of the Android 11 update that will be rolled out to various smartphones. There will be a special Desktop Mode.

Desktop Mode for Motorola

A new function is on the way for Motorola devices with Android 11. The phones will have a special Desktop Mode, which is reminiscent of a similar functionality from Samsung and Huawei. In desktop mode, there is room for operating your smartphone. You can use your smartphone as if it were a desktop. The function will probably be available on high-end smartphones from the manufacturer, but who knows what the manufacturer is planning.

Several windows can be opened at the same time. We also see a start bar at the bottom of the screen, along with various applications. The phone can be connected via a USB-C adapter with support for DisplayPort Alt mode. This allows the video signal to be output. Using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10, the phone screen can also be mirrored to the screen. This works both via a cable and via WiFi.

Motorola TV interface

There is also a special TV interface that comes in handy if you are going to stream or game on your television. Useful! It is striking that the photo shows a new Motorola device. This smartphone has two front cameras. It is not clear whether this is the Motorola Nio that has previously been reported.

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