Mother shares important message: ‘Choose your child above your to-do list’

Blogger Amy Betters-Midtvedt writes that in an emotional post Scary Mommy.

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To sleep

‘DIY, cleaning, doing the laundry; I had so many plans in the afternoon, ”says Amy. But then I saw with one glance that my daughter needed me. There was nothing really wrong, but nothing was really right – a feeling that as a parent you immediately recognize. She wanted me to dry her tears, rub her back, and crawl into bed next to her so she could sleep for a while. She just needed me. And what an enormous blessing that can be. ‘

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‘Nothing more important’

It was only so that Amy had to get rid of laundry until late at night. ‘I had to be her mother one afternoon. Loving her and making her feel better by being myself: no do-do list is more important than that. ‘

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