Mother builds ‘womancave’ in the house, but can whistle to her peace

No sticky fingers, endless whimpers and flying toys, this Reddit mom just saw it all for herself when she set up a room for herself in her house. “I called it my mother cave,” she says. ‘I furnished it with all our old furniture, my LEGO sets from the past and all the stuff I collect. I thought it would be a nice place to go to relax. ‘

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Naturally she made it very clear to her husband and children that her ‘zone’ is off limits to them. ‘If they wanted to borrow something or play with my LEGO, I was fine with that. But then they had to put it back where they found it and take all the glasses and plates they used in my room with them. ‘

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You guessed it: the latter turned out to be too much to ask. My husband borrowed my hair dryer, shears, and a glue gun and left all that stuff around the house. My kids broke down one of my larger LEGO sets and left dirty glasses. After a week I forbade them to enter my ‘cave’. Everyone in the house has their own space, so why shouldn’t I be entitled to it? ‘

After sharing her story on Reddit, most people feel she is absolutely right to deny the rest of the family access to her domain. ‘Everyone deserves to have a space where they can relax. If your family can’t or won’t respect that, I would put a padlock on your door, ‘someone suggests. Or take them back: ‘borrow’ your husband and kids’ favorite things and leave them lying around the house. Let’s see how much fun they still like it. ‘

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