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Most expensive house in the world must and will be sold

The most expensive house in the world is going to be sold for a huge amount. Or not, but then the property will be auctioned.

The house is called ‘The One’. Very appropriate of course. It is considered one of the most megalomaniac projects in the global real estate market. That’s right, especially if you watch a video of the house. The price tag is also there: it was once estimated at half a billion dollars. Not many people have that much money for a house. It turns out, because they just can’t get it to sell.

Most expensive house in the world

They don’t ask for that half a billion anymore. You get a decent discount, because it’s for sale for $295 million. The price is so much lower, because the visionary Nile Niami has so much debt that needs to be paid off. This man is an American film producer who has plunged into the real estate market. Whether that was a wise move, it seems not. He previously said: ‘To be able to say that the biggest and the most expensive house in the world is here, that will be really good for LA

The house is, of course, in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. Beautifully landscaped on a hilltop with over 10,000 square feet. The new owner lacks for nothing, as it houses a cinema, a six-hole putting green on the roof (!), a bowling alley, swimming pools, wellness spa, nightclub and beauty salon. You can also park your cars in a garage. In fact, you can park 50 cars there.

For sale

The house has been for sale for a while. The project has also been going on for ten years now and it seems that the money has run out. There is currently a debt of 180 million dollars. That is why an agreement has now been concluded with the American Bankruptcy Court to auction the extravagant estate to the highest bidder, writes The LA Times. The auction is scheduled to run from February 7 to February 10. Until then, Niami still has time to sell the property in a normal way.

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