Most civil servants work in these 10 countries

Whether teachers, police officers or administrative employees: there are jobs with civil servants around the world. In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten countries in which the most civil servants work.

In public administration, the average gross salary of employees is around 51,800 euros per year. As in many other countries, numerous professions fall under civil servant status. But: In which nations do most civil servants actually work?

Most civil servants work in these countries

The public service in Germany has seen significant growth in recent years. In a recent comparison, the analysis platform extra therefore determines in which countries most civil servants work. The data comes from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The average proportion of civil servants among all employees in 2020 was an international average of 18.5 percent.

10th place: Switzerland

The tenth place goes with a civil servant share of 10.2 percent to Switzerland. In our neighboring country, the civil service has never been so firmly established, which is why it is still comparatively weak today.

10th place: Switzerland. (unsplash.com / Alin Andersen)

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