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monitor the geolocation of a smartphone with the mSpy app

We have already talked about the mSpy app in a previous article where we discussed its many features. Installed on a child’s phone, it provides access to installed apps, messages (SMS, messaging, social networks), contacts, call logs, photos, Internet searches … In short, total control on the device especially since you do not have to tell your child that he is under supervision. The app installs discreetly, easily, and you don’t have to come back to it afterwards. But in this article we will rather talk about localization.

It is well known, teenagers do not go out without their smartphone and you will be able to know where he / she is in real time with an accuracy of 20 meters thanks to the GPS location of the phone (even if it is disabled on the phone. apparatus). But since you can’t spend your time monitoring the whereabouts of your offspring, you can also be alerted if the phone crosses an invisible limit you have determined. It is “geofencing” (fence = barrier in the language of Axl Rose). Let’s see how it works …

The mSpy app: how much does it cost?

The mSpy software is chargeable. We must in fact be wary of free software: you never know who can have access to this confidential data. mSpy has been around for years and is one of the highest rated on the market. The best formula is to take the “Premium” offer for one year at € 9 / month (but there is also a “Basic” offer without commitment at 18 € / month). Is your child’s device lost or has it been changed? You have no additional costs. And if you have several children, there is a “family” formula to monitor 3 devices at the same time.

Geofencing: be alerted when your child comes home from school … or if they drop out

1 / The GPS location

When the app is installed (this is done in 5 minutes with explanations in French), you can follow the different activities from your Dashboard mSpy. In the left menu, scroll through the features to get to GPS location. Here you will have the geographic location of your child’s device. In the calendar icon you can determine the location according to the date. Useful to know where your child was yesterday at 3 p.m. for example.

2 / “Geofencing”

The geofencing allows you to be alerted on your e-mail if your child leaves a specific area. Imagine that you do not want him to leave your house, but still let him do errands or go to the neighbor’s house to study. Determine a geographic perimeter around your home by drawing it on the map and then determining the radius. Give a name to this perimeter and make sure to be alerted if it leaves or if it enters this perimeter (or both!)

smartphone location

3 / Authorized zones

After the exclusion zones, you can also configure “authorized” zones. Be warned when he comes home from school for example. It works the same as exclusion zones. You can set both at the same time, but they cannot overlap of course.

smartphone location

Warning !

According to French law, this application cannot be used without the knowledge of a person. However, it can be used on the smartphones of your children or people over whom you have authority or consent. You cannot secretly install this application on the phone of your spouse or little friend under penalty of prosecution.

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