Mobile with 4 cameras and great design

On the right side of the phone is a cradle for volume control and a on / off button. On the reverse side, we find the Bixby button to activate the voice assistant. The top offers a slot for two SIM cards and one Micro SD card . The underside has a loud speaker USB-C connector and 3.5 mm jack connector .

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy A9 in two color variants

As we have indicated above, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has been a great success. In the Czech Republic is Galaxy A9 available in black and special gradient blue (Lemonade Blue).

Interesting mobile phone cases and cases Samsung Galaxy A9

Unfortunately, the package also contains a transparent package. In this case, he would not only fit scratches and smaller falls, but could also prevent fingerprints on the back. Unfortunately, even in the Czech Republic there is no extra choice. Samsung offers a Wallet Cover Flip Case for 599 Kč . Abroad, emails are beginning to be filled with covers and covers. You can find TPU cover . Buy even more durable cases. On Gearbestu you will find several more cases and packages, but the offer will soon be expanded


What protective glass to buy at Samsung Galaxy A9

Cases will usually protect your phone’s back and frame. However, the display is not much, except for different flip-flops. One of the ways to protect the display is protective film and cover glass. Just hardened glass is much more popular in recent years than the film. And that’s because is easier to stick to, and mainly offers greater protection . Both the scratches and the rupture, when the glass breaks and the display itself is all right same as for packaging. So far, there are not many. We offer PanzerGlass quite expensive cover glass for 899 Kč . Above all, some cover glasses from lesser known brands are already available. One of those cheap cover glasses you get for about 80 CZK.

The fingerprint reader works perfectly. Location is good

A cheaper model of this order The Samsung Galaxy A7 uses a fingerprint reader right in the phone frame. For a more expensive phone, Samsung has decided for a classic backstage . The reader is located in the ideal part of the middle. It works reliably and in all directions. During testing, we did not encounter any problems. He does not work with a dirty or dirty finger, but this is not unusual. It is not an ultrasonic reader


" If your fingerprint reader will give you a fingerprint reader, please click here to view the Samsung Galaxy A9 fingerprint reader “title =” Samsung Galaxy A9 fingerprint reader ” you can activate face scanning in the settings. The function works surprisingly well and we have come faster than eg iris scanning for flagship models. But of course, you have to count on the fact that the Galaxy A9 is not as safe to scan and does not work, for example, in the dark.

Perfect Super AMOLED Display

From the history of using Samsung phones we know that the Super AMOLED panel is being used in a lot of cheap phones as well. It is not surprising that the company uses it on the phone for CZK 15 thousand. The display is 6.3 “ with a resolution of 2220 x 1080 pixels . It is pleased that the cutout is not always used, but the classic frames around the display. Here is not much to blame, Samsung displays and in the news just confirms. The fineness of the display is 392 ppi and the screen occupies 80.5 percent of the front side .

And it’s not just the parameters, but the real use has confirmed that display is very good . You can use your phone without any problems on a sunny day, the viewing angles are excellent. In the settings you can change the color mode, to activate the Always on Display modes, the blue light filter, etc.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 has plenty of performance.

It’s very interesting for the Galaxy A9 chipset. Samsung also used unusual chipsets from Qualcomm in Europe. This is the Snapdragon 660. This is a great middle class chipset that has ample performance for everyday use, 3D games and is additionally economical. But there is a problem with the Galaxy A9. You buy the phone for 15,000, which is the price at which you can buy phones that already have the best mobile chipsets. In AnTuTu, the phone received 141,079 points. With enough power for everyday work, you can also play PUBG Mobile . However, with the harder Fortnite , u will have a problem, especially because developers have not optimized the game for this chipset. Below you will find a table where we compare the performance of the Galaxy A9 with other phones in a similar price category

Samsung Galaxy A9 AnTuTu Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy A9 has 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory

For the processor, Samsung did not show much. The memory is much better, the Galaxy A9 is only available in one version. And with RAM 6 GB. RAM adds only one storage option. It’s 128 GB . Both of these values are above average and we find it a substitute for less powerful chipsets. You can extend your phone with microSD cards . You can surprisingly insert two nano SIM cards and a microSD card into the “drawer”. It is certainly a great news that Samsung has decided to go this way where you do not have to limit yourself and choose

Samsung Galaxy A9 phone parameters




Supports Samsung Galaxy A9 Dual Sim

Yes You can use two nano SIM cards on the phone, also supports Dual Sim. Both SIM cards can be called, you can send SMS and use data. There is SIM card manager where you can set up your preferred card for calls, SMS and mobile data. For example, select whether the two SIM cards should always be active

The connectivity will also delight it that there is NFC USB-C, or Galileo or Bluetooth 5.0 . Wi-Fi is 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, and even has an FM radio. With GPS, we did not have a problem during testing. The connectivity is very good on the phone.

Large capacity of the battery will delight, the stamina is not so much

We have already written about the fact that a 3,800 mAh battery could mean that the endurance of the phone will be good. Unfortunately, that was not the case. This is a classic one day phone. In normal use, you can rely on it to serve you in the evening. You will have to charge the next day. The Samsung Galaxy A9 does not belong in the speed of charging among the best

In the charging speed Samsung phones are not among the best. One reason may be that it saves batteries because the company does not want a repeat disaster, like years ago with Galaxy Note 7. The fact is, however, that Samsung’s competition has slowed down. This is not the case with the Galaxy A9. The phone supports fast charging, but charging from zero to one percent takes for about 1 hour and 50 minutes . Compared to other phones in this price category, it’s just average to below average. We’d like to see the wireless charging that Samsung still leaves only for TOP models. In the phone for CZK 15,000, it is already offered

Android version and update Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9

samsung galaxy a9 fast downloaded ” ]

Straight from the box running the Samsung Galaxy A9 on Android 8 Oreo . It will surely receive updates to the latest version Android 9 Pie . The question, however, is when Samsung is not one of the fastest companies. We suspect that the update will sometimes arrive at the end of spring 2019 until the summer of 2019 . The Samsung Galaxy A9 works on the Experience Expert

The phone has a classical Samsung Experience, known from other Korean phone companies. Now we know it will be replaced in the next year for One UI, but not because it’s a bad superstructure. It is fluent, it looks very good, what many animations can do . For many, it’s clearer than classic Android. Of course, minus the duplication of applications of the same type, when there are a lot of similar apps in the phone, one from Samsung, the second from Google. There is also a bloatware application in the form of Microsoft’s package .

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