Minecraft speedrunner smashes world record 2 times in 12 hours!

A relatively unknown Minecraft speedrunner has shattered the world speedrunner record twice within 24 hours.

Minecraft is an endless sandbox for most players for countless hours of fun. For a select group of fanatics, on the other hand, it is nothing more than a very complex puzzle game that must be solved as quickly as possible. A speedrunner recently broke the Minecraft world record twice within 12 hours! And that with a margin that is unprecedented in the speedrunner world.

Minecraft speedrunner shatters world record

A completely unknown Minecraft speedrunner called TwoLetterName is the topic of conversation within the Minecraft community. After the Australian as a complete unknown breaks the record of 13 minutes and 53 seconds by one second, everyone wonders who the mystery man is.

But a day later, something legendary happens. He manages to finish the game within 12 minutes and 9 seconds. It is rare for an unknown player to get even close to the world record. That player hardly ever manages to break the world record. It is the first time that such a person has managed to beat the speedrunner world record by such an absurdly large margin.

TwoLetterName uses a random Minecraft world, which is required to play for this particular world record. It is also not allowed to use glitches and only a few specific mods are allowed.

The speedrunner is blessed by the Minecraft gods because the random world he gets is really perfect for the run. As you may know, everything in Minecraft is random. TwoLetterName is presented with all special locations practically perfectly, allowing him to collect all necessary items very quickly.

So in the end he shatters the world record, partly thanks to very good luck. But as you will see in the video below, it is mainly his unprecedented skill in the game that gives him the world record. The flexibility is truly unprecedented.

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