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Mimo teaches coding to anyone who can read

Mimo teaches coding to anyone who can read

With Girls’ Day approaching and a special STEM tab on the American TikTok, it is abundantly clear: it is important to inspire more people to do something in tech, for example. Whether you are young or old, it is always useful to know something about programming. That makes it just a little easier to talk about a website, but it also teaches you to think in a certain way that can also come in handy in other situations. One of the best apps to teach you how to code is Mimo. We discuss it in this edition of App of the Week.


Coding sounds boring to some. Wrote a bit of code behind a PC: no one really likes that. Fortunately, this app immediately shows that it is not like that at all. Not only because it’s an app, and you just do it every day on your phone, but also because it shows you that coding is a special way of creating. A very contemporary way that you might even want to do more with in the future. Many programmers say it: it’s fun to solve puzzles and also to be able to immediately see what you’ve made. That’s exactly how coding works.

Many people who are just starting out in this sport find it difficult to focus on one language. Nevertheless, it is recommended. Even if it’s just for the beginning. For that reason, Mimo also starts by presenting you with a choice: are you going for HTML, Python or Javascript? Initially, you choose Web Development (in which you eventually learn JavaScript via HTML and CSS) or Python. Then you choose how many minutes per day you want to learn. In that respect, it works a bit like Duolingo: it is mainly intended that you spend a little time with it every day, instead of spending three hours on it on a Saturday afternoon.

Mimo programming app

There are of course many tools to learn how to program, but what is nice about Mimo is that it is very clear in the program. A path is mapped out for you and you follow it. You choose whether you want to do that for five minutes, ten minutes or fifteen minutes a day and then this app does the rest. Plus: it’s free. There is a Premium account available at 60 euros per year, but you do not have to take it. If you want to get rid of the ads, access the community and earn certificates, you do need a Premium account, but in principle you can continue learning very far without such an account. And, without having to create an account at all. As always, the warning: pay close attention to what this app can and asks of you in terms of data storage and data use.

Other than that, Mimo is definitely a fun app to teach you the basics of coding. It is in English, so in addition to being able to read, you also have to understand English to some extent. If you can, you can teach yourself all kinds of languages ​​to perhaps apply to your own personal blog, or your own shop’s website. It’s great fun to get creative with code: that’s what many programmers always say. Moreover, if you want to continue in the profession, it is really not just sitting behind a computer. You consult with customers, with colleagues and with your manager, while you also have to search the community for answers to coding questions. In many cases it is social on the one hand and nice coding on your own island on the other.

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You can already try the latter with Mimo on your phone. It doesn’t take that much time at all, while it does help you understand considerably better how HTML works, for example, but also how other languages ​​have subsequently developed. Have fun!

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Mimo: Learning to program JavaScript, Python, HTML

Mimo: Learning to program JavaScript, Python, HTML

Learning to program can sometimes look very daunting, but this app wants to prevent that. Mimo lets you get started with the programming languages ​​HTML, JavaScript ..

Do you use Mimo or another app to learn programming? Share what and why in the comments. We are curious!

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