Millions of users apparently download the wrong threads app

Meta recently released the Twitter alternative Threads. Since then, an app of the same name has been downloaded millions of times, causing confusion. The backgrounds.

Threads – this app is currently on everyone’s lips. But the term doesn’t just refer to the new microblogging platform recently released by Meta, which is marketed as an alternative to Twitter. Another application also bears this name, causing confusion.

Twitter alternative: Millions of users apparently load the wrong threads app

On Thursday evening, July 6, 2023, an app called Threads was trending in the Apple and Google app stores. In the Apple store the application currently takes second place in the app charts, in the Google play store she even cracked the one million downloads mark.

However, it was not at all the Twitter alternative published by Meta. It’s not even available in Europe, for example. Rather, it was an app from a company of the same name that serves as a team communication platform for companies.

Twitter alternative threads confuse users

If you look at the logo, you will notice that the “fake” app is different from the meta app. Because instead of an intertwined @ sign on an orange-pink or black background, the other image shows the arrangement of square areas on a purple-colored background.

And the domain name also adds to the general confusion. Because while Meta has secured the name Threads.net, the doppelganger company uses Threads.com.

Threads CEO is happy about the confusion with the Twitter alternative

While users are probably annoyed about not having downloaded the right app a short time after the download, the “other” thread apparently enjoys the situation all the more.

How Business Insider reports, they are happy about the attention. However, we are now trying to clarify the situation. That’s why you take all the necessary precautions so that people recognize which app they are looking for. In the meantime, a note has been added to the app stores that there is no connection to Instagram.

Threads CEO ex-Meta employee

Rosseau Kazi, CEO of the non-meta thread, also commented on the topic. Threads is a powerful word and an Internet term. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Meta chose a strong label to represent its efforts.

He also stated that he was really excited about Meta. Not surprising given that he himself once worked for the company. After all, this is reflected in the admiring words he finds for his former employers: “Zuck, Adam Mosseri and the team are certainly among the best mentors and minds I have worked with and from whom I was able to learn.” optimistic that threads from Instagram will be successful.

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