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Since the release of new consoles, there has been a constant debate over whether to prefer framerat in games, or the greatest possible detail, which often means, among other things, active ray tracing. We have also repeatedly addressed this topic, for example in the vidcast, where we agreed that in the end we prefer a brisk experience to all the effects of graphics. Of course, players would like it best if they didn’t have to choose and have everything. The authors of the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales from the Insomniac Games studio decided to hear the calls of fans who wanted 60 fps and ray tracing. But it can’t do without a hook.

The new Performance RT mode achieves 60 frames per second and the mentioned effects. However, it is not a unification of the current two modes (60 fps without ray tracing and 30 fps with ray tracing), but a completely new, in fact the third way. The new graphics mode sacrifices resolution, the quality of reflections and the number of pedestrians on the streets. In other words, this is another compromise, but it could suit someone better than the previous two.

It is not yet clear whether it will also see a new Performance RT regime like Miles Morales.

This is not the first patch for the new Spider-Man. Earlier, the game not only fixed bugs, but also improved ray tracing. The update for the previous Spider-Man, in turn, allowed the saved position to be transferred from the PS4 version to the PS5 remaster. It is not yet clear whether it will also see a new Performance RT regime like Miles Morales.

From the first responses, it seems that the new opportunity pleased the player. After all, let us know for yourself whether you think it brings the best of both worlds, or whether you don’t want to accept its concessions for a change.

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