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Microsoft will force the switch for Moment 3 in July 2023

If you haven’t yet installed Moment 3, the latest big Windows 11 update on your PC, you’ll soon have no choice but to capitulate. Indeed, according to information from Windows Latest, Microsoft is preparing to force the upgrade for all users on the occasion of the next Patch Tuesday.

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Almost a month ago, Microsoft rolled out Moment 3 to Windows 11 users. While the update is less significant than Moment 2 was for the operating system, it still brings a host of new features. Jumbled up, we can notably cite some new functionalities of the taskbar, which now displays a new icon for applications that use a VPN, as well as the clock which again integrates the seconds.

However, even if your PC is running Windows 11, you may not have installed the update yet. Indeed, it is necessary for this to have activated the option within Windows Update to receive this latest version, which explains why many users have missed it. However, that is about to change. According to information obtained by our colleagues from Windows Latest, Microsoft is preparing to force the update with its next Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft will impose Windows 11 Moment 3 with the next update

June’s Patch Tuesday already has Moment 3 features enabled by default, Windows Latest learns. The site also spotted several other improvements to the update that will be enabled by default during next July’s Patch Tuesday, which will arrive in a few weeks. With this update, Microsoft should therefore finalize the deployment of Moment to all Windows 11 users.

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In fact, it will no longer be necessary to activate the corresponding option in Windows Update to receive the latest version of the operating system. This decision by Microsoft is no coincidence, since it also means that it will allow the firm to use this button to deploy to users who wish it the next big update, namely Windows 11 23H2.

Source : Windows Latest

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