Microsoft Teams introduces animated avatars

The corona pandemic was responsible for an increase in video conferencing and video calling. Before the corona, 145 million people used Microsoft Teams. This number rose to nearly 250 million monthly active users by 2021. Working on location was minimized by the measures, unless you had a crucial profession. The crucial professions included care, childcare, fire brigade and police.

The Work Trend Index report, which contains new insights into the use of Microsoft Teams, has shown that the Netherlands, together with Norway, most often turn on their video. The video was mainly used to make eye contact with the people in the Teams meeting. Microsoft has announced that it will introduce 3D avatars from May 2023.

The new 3D avatars

Microsoft is committed to providing innovative solutions to promote collaboration and optimize connectivity. The avatar that you can use from May 2023 is for users who cannot or do not want to use their camera. Microsoft has announced that the new avatars can display facial expressions based on your voice.

More involvement through the new avatars

Working from home brings new challenges. For example, how do you involve your team or colleagues during a meeting? If an employee works from home and leaves the camera because, for example, children run past or because you participate in the meeting in your suit, the involvement is often lower than when everyone has their webcam on. The new avatar function should ensure that Teams users can work together better.

Video filter option

From May 2023 you can therefore use the new avatar function. Until then, if you work from home, you can use the video filter option. Personalize your video feed by choosing from sophisticated color style or holiday filters.

How do you do this? Open Microsoft Teams and go to ‘Calendar’ in the menu. Choose the meeting where you want to use the filter and select the ‘join’ option. Then switch on the camera. At the bottom you will see the option ‘more video effects’.

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