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Microsoft Surface Duo will be released in Europe in 2021

The Microsoft Surface Duo with Android and two separate screens has been available in America for a while. In 2021, the device will make its appearance in Europe, according to new rumors. However, no specific launch in the Benelux has yet been discussed.

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Rumor: Microsoft Surface Duo to Europe in 2021

The information about a European release of the Duo has appeared in German WindowsArea. The site claims to have obtained the information from anonymous but reliable sources. In terms of time frame, a period from the beginning of spring to the middle of the year is mentioned.

This explicitly concerns a German release, nothing is mentioned about other European countries. Previously, there was already written about the availability in the United Kingdom, but so far this is not the case. For the time being, nothing is mentioned about a release in the Benelux.

Available in America for $ 1,399

What the device should cost in Europe is also the question, but that you have to dig deep into the pouch seems likely. The Surface Duo costs USD 1399 in America, which would translate into more than 1400 euros, including taxes.

If the device is available in another European country, this opens more possibilities. This makes it easier to import the device yourself and it offers more options for gray import by (web) shops. This often means that you pay an even higher price for a device, which means that a Surface Duo can be even more expensive.

The first Surface Duo reviews

The Surface Duo runs on Android and has two separate screens on board. That is unique for Microsoft, the company behind Windows. Many American reviewers have extensively tested the device after release. We have previously bundled all the experiences of the international media in this Microsoft Surface Duo review round-up.

The conclusion of their reviews was that the device was actually not ready for a release. For example, much of the software did not yet use the two separate screens, so multitasking is not always intuitive. The hardware is also outdated and you hardly take good photos with the camera. All in all, enough work to be done by Microsoft for a possible successor.

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