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Microsoft raises the price of Xbox Series X and Game Pass

After Sony and the PlayStation 5, it’s Microsoft’s turn to increase the price of the Xbox Series X. It will cost €549.99 from August 1st. The Game Pass will also see its price increase.

Price hike for Xbox Series X and Game Pass

Since launch, the Xbox Series X has cost 499.99€. So it will go to € 549.99 from August 1st. This increase is identical to that applied by Sony last year. Microsoft therefore follows its rival on this point, which naturally will not satisfy the players. Note in passing that some countries will not have an increase, this will be the case in the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Japan and Chile.

There’s also an upside for Xbox Game Pass, the service that lets you play many games with a monthly subscription. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost €14.99/month, instead of €12.99/month currently. Regarding the Xbox Game Pass for console, it will be € 10.99 / month instead of € 9.99 / month currently. The new prices will be a reality on July 6. And for those who already have a monthly subscription, the new rates will be in place from August 13. Note that the Xbox Game Pass for console will not change price in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

“We have maintained our console prices for many years and adjusted them to reflect competitive conditions in each market”justifies Kari Perez, head of communication for Xbox. “These Game Pass price adjustments are unrelated to the agreement with Activision Blizzard and are intended to adjust to local market conditions”adds the frame.

Nothing changes regarding the Xbox Series S, which remains to be 299.99€. The same goes for the PC Game Pass, which will remain at €9.99/month.

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