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Microsoft Office becomes compatible with Mac M1

After a beta period, Microsoft ad that its Office office suite applications are now optimized for Mac M1. This allows for better performance and better battery life on new Macs. Until now, M1 Macs could run the version of Office for Intel Macs.

Microsoft applications compatible with Apple Mac M1s are World, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. All are now universal apps, meaning they run on Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs. The correct version is launched automatically according to the architecture of the Mac for the best performance.

Office application updates for Mac M1 are available now for download. You can download them from the Mac App Store or from Microsoft’s tool. It all depends on where you got the apps in the first place.

Microsoft has also updated its Outlook application on Mac to support iCloud accounts. The group adds that other of its apps will support Mac M1 in the future. This notably includes Teams. As for the new versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the new interface, it will be necessary to wait until January for availability.

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