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Microsoft now lets you share Bing Chat best answers

Since the arrival of artificial intelligence GPT on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine has become one of the most used in the world. Microsoft has found an idea to democratize its technology even faster.

More than a month ago, the artificial intelligence that underpins ChatGPT landed on Microsoft’s search engine: Bing. Since then, Bing has seen its number of users explode and exceed the 100 million user mark, but that is still not enough for Microsoft.

The company has just added a feature that could well allow it to significantly increase its user base in the coming months. On Bing Chat, the section where you can chat with artificial intelligence, Microsoft has added a brand new button allowing you to share responses from the Bing Chat chatbot with your friends on social networks.

Bing Chat lets you share your chats with your friends

Microsoft indicates in a blog post that you can now directly share a link on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as by e-mail, or by using a persistent link. The screenshot used by Microsoft also shows that it is possible to share a link on WhatsApp.

Users of Edge v111.0.1661.41 and newer will now see the new Bing icon in the sidebar, which includes the Chat and Compose experiences designed for Bing chat “.

Bing chat share

So now you can show your friends all the possibilities of Bing Chat, which could well convince them to try the experiment too. The company initially limited chat sessions to just five exchanges in the same chat and 50 total messages per day, before relaxing them to 10. Today, the company has increased the number of messages to 15 per chat and a day’s total of 150, which should be enough for you to explore the possibilities of AI.

Note also that Bing Chat has recently become even more powerful than ChatGPT, since the search engine has the advantage of using the latest GPT-4 version, while the free version of ChatGPT still uses GPT-3.5. GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3.5 with its advanced reasoning capabilities which allow it to produce more concise and precise answers, and the model is now able to understand the images.

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