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Microsoft’s signing of the Bethesda Acquisition Agreement hasn’t even dried up yet, and more information is emerging that will end with exclusive Xbox titles. Although nothing confirmed at the moment, journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central magazine came in the podcast The Xbox Two with the information that Microsoft is actively hunting in the waves of third party developers. The Redmond company was to address several studies, and if we were to stick to the fishing theme, it is said to be no small fish. The reason is, of course, to get more titles through which Microsoft could sell Xbox, but above all its prominent Game Pass service.

“Some of the projects I’ve seen match in size and workmanship roughly where Halo was at the beginning of its journey in Bungie. It’s such a 10-year plan, something like Asoba and their Flight Simulator, “Corden said. At the same time, the outlook for such a distant future is not something we should be surprised, according to the journalist. Microsoft is reportedly very careful and far-sighted in its planning, and it is possible that some newly established relationships will end with the acquisition of a specific studio. “It simply came to our notice then. I always remember projects like Scalebound or Phantom Dust, “Corden recalls the bad fate of these titles. In the case of Scalebound, the developers at PlatinumGames did not get to release the game. And as for Phantom Dust, the game for the original Xbox reaped a positive rating, but it was a sales trouble that only the re-release for Xbox One managed to partially heal.

After the massive success of the Outriders demo version, which we streamed for you at the end of February, the title is probably about to be introduced into the Game Pass offer.

Returning to The Xbox Two podcast for a moment, Corden lowered expectations at the end of Microsoft’s plans, denied that the planned agreements were in the nature of the acquisition of ZeniMax, but did not deny that Microsoft did not hesitate to do more. crazy thing. It is difficult to judge whether the character around the game Outriders from the developers from People Can Fly, resp. publisher Square Enix, but it seems to be one small one skopičinu will probably happen. After the massive success of the demo version, which we streamed for you at the end of February, the title is probably about to be introduced into the Game Pass offer, perhaps on the day of its release. Neither the developers nor Microsoft representatives have confirmed the information, but the clues come without further comment from the official sites.

The Game Pass Twitter account shared a screenshot of the alleged internal communication between the Xbox “management” and the Game Pass staff, which describes an unexpected addition to the game library. Melissa McGamepass (haha), who is signed under the report as executive senior vice president and lieutenant for general communication around video games, suggests that they could be Outriders. At the end of the e-mail, he asks if anyone has also intercepted recently mysterious signal, or if this is the situation anomalies only on her side. And because these terms refer to the Outriders premise, fans are obviously clear from the reactions in the comments. So let’s be surprised and get ready for some “great fun”, because the release date of Outriders is scheduled for April 1.…

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