Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 are unbeatable when it comes to graphics power. However, gaming website HowLongToBeat is now releasing numbers that don’t make the current Xbox look good at all.

Xbox Series X

PS3 wins: Xbox Series X|S has to admit defeat

In the direct duel between Xbox and PlayStation, the Sony consoles usually have the edge. However, the HowLongToBeat website now shows how far behind the Xbox Series X|S really is. In a list published on Twitter most played platforms 2022 Microsoft’s candidate for the new gaming generation only achieves seventh place. Particularly embarrassing: The console even ends up behind the PlayStation 3.

What do the HowLongToBeat numbers mean?

It is small consolation for Microsoft that the PlayStation 5 also missed the podium. At the top are the instead PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Both PS4 and Xbox One also triumph over the current generation of consoles. However, with the end of the delivery bottlenecks declared by Sony, that could soon change for the PlayStation consoles.

The HowLongToBeat list was created based on the statistics of users of the site. There gamers can check how long it will take to complete a game. The number is calculated by users entering how many hours (and on which platform) they have gambled. The statistics therefore do not show the actual number of players on the respective console. However, it gives an interesting insight into their popularity in 2022.

Here’s what gamers think about the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S:

HowLongToBeat also reveals the ranking of the consoles on Twitter when all the released generations are added up. Here, too, the Xbox ends up behind the PC, the PlayStation and the Nintendo consoles. After all, Microsoft still beats Sega. However, Sega hasn’t released a real new console since the Dreamcast in 1998.