Microsoft Edge is chasing Chrome and that’s great

A good development for Microsoft Edge, because it follows the positive points of competitor Google Chrome.

A safe browser experience is best achieved with a developer who provides you with many updates. In that area you have nothing to complain about with Chrome or Firefox, for example, but Microsoft did not always take the right measures in this area with Edge. Fortunately, that will soon change.

Microsoft is going to work out differently with Edge. From now on, you can expect an update for the browser of the American tech company every four weeks. For example, Edge follows what Google is doing with Chrome. Google recently announced a similar strategy. Ultimately, it is a good development for you and me, the end user. That is, if you use Edge as a browser at all. Otherwise it is of no use to you of course.

Now it is not the case that updates will arrive in April, May, June and so on. Only with the arrival of Edge 94 is it so that monthly updates will be rolled out. This new version of Microsoft Edge is expected to be released at the end of the summer of this year.

The bottom line is that you can expect a lot more updates for the browser in 2021 compared to this year. A good and safe development!

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