Messenger service is working on a solution

Slack is unusable for many on Monday afternoon. (Photo: Ascannio / Shutterstock)

No time right now?

Numerous people in the home office were affected by a massive disruption at Slack on Monday. The cause is not yet clear, Slack is working on the problem.

It’s the first regular working day in the new year, and many people still work from home and rely on digital software like Slack. But many users cannot connect to the service on Monday afternoon. Slack has the problem now approved.

Messaging and connecting doesn’t work

Numerous users report faults in online portals or on Twitter. By Twitter Slack apologized for the interruption. Work on a solution.

There is a problem connecting to the service and sending messages. The loading of channels can also take longer than usual.

Almost finished!

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At 4.15 p.m., Slack recorded the malfunction in the status portal. “We are investigating the ongoing connection problems,” it has been said since then. Slack updates the status information every 30 minutes here.

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