Merry Christmas wishes from mobile phone manufacturers

We have decided to bring you Christmas wishes from mobile phone manufacturers. Some are creative, others are nice, and there is at least one that will be useful. At the very end you will also find our Christmas wishes.


Samsung wishes you a beautiful Christmas and hopes you have a decorated Christmas tree. Or that you drew it with an S-Pen.


Huawei wishes you joy and optimism. It also helps connect families at least in this virtual way.


Honor wishes happy holidays to the circle of loved ones, many gifts under the tree and especially many wishes.


Xiaomi prepared a slightly different Christmas card for us. They will teach you to take Christmas photos and postcards the way professionals take them.


Realme is reminded with his products and sends a Czech Christmas card. They wish you a pleasant holiday and a Merry Christmas.

Lenovo – Motorola

Lenovo and Motorola took a funny look and incorporated their traditional sound into the Christmas video. It’s imaginative and funny.

As embedding videos from Facebook doesn’t work for us a bit, you have to go to the video via this link.


Nokia sends you a warm Christmas card.


OnePlus links that you can only choose one!

Merry Christmas wishes Myandroid

We are joining and on behalf of the entire newsroom, we wish you a peaceful holiday to all our readers.

Which wish did you like the most?

We are interested in your opinion on which of the manufacturers’ wishes was the most beautiful / most interesting. That is why we have prepared a small survey for you.

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