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MekaRoyale Online: Unconventional battle royale game with robots

An interesting battle royale game on MegaRoyale Online has recently appeared on Google Play, where large mechanical robots are controlled.

MekaRoyale is an unconventional battle royale with 2D graphics and giant moss boots

Genre Battle Royale ] is still the most popular game genre ever at this time. And it is mainly thanks to the pair of games Fortnite and PUBG . But it is not far from a single game. One of the newest is called MekaRoyale and can now be tested in beta on Google Play

It is very similar to other games in this genre. You will find yourself on a big map where you first have to find weapons and equipment and then fight for life against other players . The goal is to remain on the map as the only survivor.

MekaRoyale Online Trailer Promo 2019

Click to enlarge These   money are then spent on the giant robot monsters into which your character will board. It gives you an advantage in the fight for survival. But if you die, you will lose the moss and you have to save it from the beginning. The game is free and will remain so after the full version, which should be this month.

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