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Mega Investor: Now is the Time to Buy Crypto!

Michael Saylor is an investor. He does this with billions and he says now is the time to buy crypto. Read here why.

Logically, the rates are dramatic. Bitcoin, for example, has plunged below $20,000. So you can now buy the digital coins relatively cheaply. The question remains: has the bottom now been reached or is it wiser to wait? Michael Saylor heads Microstrategy and says you should take your chance now.

Buy crypto now

Microstrategy is a huge investment company that is in cryptos. They have made billions in profit, so they do have some knowledge. Saylor declares to be ‘Bullish’ with their view on Bitcoin. This despite the crash. He indicates that the decision to buy Bitcoin with his company has been the best decision.

Microstrategy holds a total of 129,218 BTC, with an average buy price of $30,700. The company has suffered an unrealized loss of nearly $1 billion due to the fall in its share price. That must hurt, even if it is so far on paper. Earlier, there were rumors that the company had to sell the coins, otherwise the losses would become too great. Otherwise it would jeopardize the survival of the company. Saylor indicates that this is nonsense.


This may be true, as the company only has a small loan of just over $200 million. This really does not endanger the survival, because it is only a fraction of the total that has been invested.

In fact, Saylor say that his company continues to buy Bitcoin. The company focuses on the long term and sees this as a dip. So a good time to buy Bitcoin! He added that anyone who owns Bitcoin will not have a loss on her position in four years. This is because the four-year average is exactly around $21,000 and therefore offers a good buying opportunity.

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