Measurement of blood pressure and ECG in Samsung watches already in Slovakia

While heart rate measurement and SpO2 sensor are now available in every cheap smart watch, so blood pressure measurement a EKG is the prerogative of only expensive models. But even they cannot offer it arbitrarily in every country and have to wait for approval from the relevant authorities.

This also applies to society Samsung, which has made this feature available in another 31 countries. Slovak owners of smart watches Galaxy Watch 3 a Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be able to use the application Samsung Health Monitor measure blood pressure and ECG since March 2021.

A total of 31 countries will receive ECG measurements

Application Samsung Health Monitor received the CE certificate in December 2020, which allows Samsung to expand the service to 28 European countries. The CE certificate confirms that the product meets the requirements for safety, health and environmental standards in the EU.

As a result, users in 31 other countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will be able to measure blood pressure and ECG. In addition, Samsung Health Monitor will be available in Chile, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, bringing the total number of new countries to 31.

Samsung Health Monitor has been used by more than a million people to monitor their health since its launch in Korea last June. We are very pleased to be able to offer it to more users around the world. Recent developments for us mark a major milestone in fulfilling our mission.

TaeJong Jay Yang, senior vice president and chief medical officer of Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications division

Measuring blood pressure will help people with heart disease

The measurement of pressure is certainly suitable for people diagnosed with brain, kidney or heart disease. But it will also come in handy for older people, overweight people and even top athletes. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure or other cardiovascular problems.

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy smart watch, blood pressure can be measured regularly via the Samsung Health Monitor application. In the application, they then have an accurate picture of their health condition and make more qualified decisions about their needs.

Before measuring the pressure, it is necessary to calibrate the Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Watch Active 2 using a traditional pressure gauge with a cuff. Then simply click on the Measure command and the device will measure your blood pressure at any time and under any circumstances.

The pressure is measured by analyzing the pulse read by the sensors on the watch. The program analyzes the ratio of the calibrated value and the pressure change and derives the existing pressure value. The result is then seen by the user on the display of the watch and his smartphone.

What is the purpose of the ECG function?

According to statistics, approximately 33.5 million people worldwide suffer from atrial fibrillation, a common form of arrhythmia. Atrial fibrillation is a common cause of heart problems, including blood clots, heart failure, and heart attack.

This can be prevented by measuring the ECG. An ECG or electrocardiogram sensor is measured on a Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Watch Active 2 watch using heart rate analysis. The procedure is as follows.

Just sit back, open the Samsung Health Monitor app on your Galaxy smartphone and make sure your watch fits snugly on your wrist. Then place your forearms on a flat surface and lightly press the top button on the watch with your fingertip for 30 seconds.

The application measures your heart rate and rhythm and places it either in the category of sinusoids (normal, regular heartbeat) or in the category of fibrillation if the heart beats irregularly.

When will Samsung Health Monitor be available?

Samsung Health Monitor is installed automatically when users update their Galaxy Watch to the latest version via Galaxy Wearable.

The app then opens a link in the watch that directs the user to download the app for the phone in the Galaxy Store.

The updated Samsung Health Monitor application will be available on the Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 models from February 4.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, these functions will be available during March 2021, depending on the speed and result of registration of compatible devices as a medical device.

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