An unexpected rain of money delights German Mastercard customers. Due to a data leak, the credit card provider pays 300 euros. However, the offer does not apply to everyone.

In these expensive times, every additional euro in your wallet is welcome. When looking at their e-mail inbox, many Mastercard customers are likely to have burst into cheers: In the e-mail with the bulky subject “Comparative offer – Mastercard Priceless Specials data leak”, the credit card provider offers them 300 euros. What initially sounds like a classic internet scam is actually true.

Mastercard pays customers 300 euros – if they do not file a lawsuit

With this, Mastercard wants to end the legal aftermath for which 2019 data leak has taken care of. At that time, the credit card information of 90,000 Mastercard customers was leaked online.

300 Euro should Mastercard customers receive if they of a lawsuit against the company refrain (Source: mirror). However, Mastercard’s offer does not apply to all those affected, but only to Mastercard customers who have been represented by the European Society for Data Protection (EuGD). According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, there should be around 2,000 people.

Actually, Mastercard even pays 400 euros per comparison. After all 25 percent go to the EuGD. However, anyone affected by a data leak who is now also represented by the EuGD is out of luck. New clients can no longer join the settlement.

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Maestro-Aus postponed?

With the announced Maestro-Aus, Mastercard seems to want to give customers a grace period. The popular function should actually be restricted on July 1, 2023 in Germany and other European countries. However, reports suggest that the Maestro feature could even be available beyond 2027 in some cases.