Massive Updates Should Save Battlefield 2042

DICE promises two gigantic updates for Battlefield 2042 and explains in detail what we can expect.

The launch of Battlefield 2042 was not necessarily smooth; many users reported performance issues and other shortcomings of the previously delayed game. Partly for this reason, there is a lot of criticism of the game, although it is difficult to say how many of the gamers are really dissatisfied. Nevertheless, DICE will come with several major updates for Battlefield 2042 in the coming weeks to brighten up the overall reception. What can you expect?

Battlefield 2042 updates

Contrary to many user reviews, the opinions of many reviewers seem a little more nuanced. The foundation is there, the foundations are solid. The problem is the finish. The developer of Battlefield 2042 is working hard on that, DICE says in a blog post.

Some features that many veterans ask for are in the pipeline. Think voice chat, a decent leaderboard and significant improvements to the game’s performance.

On Thursday, November 25, the first massive update after the launch update will be released. This patch mainly focuses on the balance of the game. Weapons get a more consistent recoil across the entire width. For now, many guns are firing in all directions, which can create an inconsistent, unfair feeling. Also, the two most overpowered vehicles, the hovercraft and the Nightbird, are made less powerful.

The third and final of the preliminary major Battlefield 2042 updates focuses on quality of lifeimprovements. That means a lot of small improvements and adjustments that make the game more pleasant to play. Think of fixing visual bugs, map glitches, tweaks to Hazard Zone and an improved UI. This update will be released sometime in early December.

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